Essential Black Studies

  1. History: To see the lies Whites tell about Themselves so that you do not become as paranoid/schizophrenic as They and so that you can correct Them by pointing-out the superficiality of White Culture;
  2. Psychology: To see why Whites tell lies about Themselves so that you can correct Them and point-out the superficiality of Their culture and Their resultant need to negatively-define Themselves because They lack anything positive about Themselves through which to achieve self-definition.
    1. That Whites are emotionally-retarded needs continuously stating because a culture of negrophobia encourages reliance on birth circumstances rather than actual ability; hence, the generalized lack of willingness to develop a talent since skin color is an easier way to success than possessing actual talent; explaining the general laziness of White culture.
    2. So many people born white become emotionally-stunted because they never had to work very hard for their money and learn to mature in the process. As there is also a crisis in White Masculinity, there is a crisis in Whiteness, itself, born of a decline in the value of the White skin trade.
    3. White Culture is declining because it desires no other self-definition beyond skin pigmentation; resulting in moral and physical laziness.
    4. Whites now have the problem of renouncing the self-contradiction that negrophiba entails - that the decline of Western Civilization is somehow the result of White Superiority over Blacks! - and that Whites now need to define Themselves without reference to Blacks. But this is not being undertaken because Whites have been traditionally dependent upon alleged Black inferioity - and standing on ones own two feet when one has become used to centuries of Black help is difficult - if not impossible.
    5. Whites only act to obsess about Their heritage and genealogy and pretend Their self-hatred and fear-of-Blacks can be expunged from the historical record of guilt and shame. It is important to recognize that Whites form White supremacist groups because they allow them to claim not to be racist while continuing to benefit from the racism They profess to disdain. Thereby leaving the racism of anti-racists unexamined;
  3. Entrepreneurship: To engage in meaningful and productive activity without wasting time because Whites do not wish to employ Blacks;

  4. Law: To attack Whites with Their own laws when They become overtly negrophobic - covert negrophobia is unimportant since White supremacism can only be truly effective when out in the open - as under apartheid in South Africa or Jim Crow in the United States;

  5. Philosophy: To see the hypocrisies of Whites when compared to an objective philosophy, so that you can correct Them and point-out the ethical superficiality of Their culture.

    1. Ask Whites what Their culture is and They have problems defining it without reference to the allegedly-inferior cultures of others. What Whites see as a breakdown in Their cultural values is really a revelation that They do not actually possess one worth preserving.
    2. White nostalgia is a form of cultural embattlement in which They see Themselves as being the victims of Blacks, rather than the victims of Their own self-hatred and lack of initiative. Using such terms as cultural war and cultural genocide are indicative of the rhetoric which aims to reposition Whites as victims, thus keeping whiteness centered, but without truly examining how it operates and thus avoiding any discussion of negrophobia; making such discussions really about fear-of-blacks while appearing not to be - ethnicity rather than culture. Here the oppressor is pretending to be the oppressed; Whites attempting to have the best of both worlds. They want to label themselves as victim, but leave their white power and privilege unexamined. In order to be a victim in the present they must avoid being labeled a victimizer in the past. Whites have engaged in a discourse of embattlement in order to create a usable past. Their tactics appeal to White’s collective guilt and silence about slavery and racism and allow some to feel better about themselves and their cultural history. This is a White attempt to pretend that the skin-privileges of Whiteness are on an equality with the skin-oppression of Blacks. The dominant group is
      claiming to not be dominant to further the interests of their dominance! This proves their fear of losing their dominance not of their being actual victims.

All of the above are designed to show that the negrophobia no longer work by revealing its workings and making it clear that you are on to Them. The focus is on Whites not Blacks since the lies Whites tell about Blacks are irrelevant - only the lies Whites tell about Themselves. You can learn nothing about yourself by being told you are inferior to a White and very little about Whites from the act that They are all negrophobic. Knowledge of self always comes first before you can have knowledge of oneself in order to protect yourself from the bad. The only way to judge others is first to know yourself so that you can know what is inside others and second to judge them by their own standards - not your own.

It is important to recognize that all of the above will make Whites more overtly negrophobic and discriminatory because they will fear losing their political dominance; serving to prove the points made. This will reveal your enemy like never before and make defeating him all the more easy. (None of these points will ever make Whites renounce Their enslavement to Their unpleasant historical past by creating a more rationally-based culture.)

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