Whitespeak Principles

The general principle of Whitespeak is that if Whites wish to avoid an issue, They will simply pretend to misunderstand what is said and claim that you are an example of the issue: The problem not the solution. Whites feel the need to damn you instantly without thinking through what you say because you are Black or because they think you are. It does not matter if Tthey are right only that Tthey are quick - as if intimidation were itself an irrefutable argument.

The best single test of whether someone is employing Whitespeak is whether the person can talk about racism from first hand experience: Whites can rarely do this since they go out of their way to avoid Blacks.

Another giveaway is that White racists tend to be illiterate regarding a language they claim as their own.

White racists also like to argue out of context by quoting statistics about how bad some Blacks are but not about how bad Whites can be.

Whites have an infantile morality that effectively says that if others are racist, then they can be racist too.

Notice that Whites are so guilt ridden about the entire issue that they will always speak in exclamations and shrieks rather than engage in constructive debate. They know that they have no valid argument and hope to racially intimidate you into shutting up and desist from reminding them that they are the very thing they deny themselves to be: Racist. It is also an example of not wishing to listen to people one regards as inferior since one imagines they can never have anything to say that is of the slightest interest.

Whites ask questions that are really in the form of statements because They are not prepared to lower themselves (in Their mind as) to the level of a Black to ask Him a question and give the implication that They actually do not know the answer. This would suggest inferiority or, at the very least, equity of knowledge. No White ego can bear such an implication.

Important points to remember:

  1. What do Whites want? Everything you have!
  2. What will Whites give you in exchange for everything you have? Nothing!
  3. What will Whites share? They have nothing to share!

Remember the above and you cannot go far wrong in your relations with Whites.

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