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newspeak (n¡´spêk´, ny¡´-) noun
Deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language used to mislead and manipulate the public.

[From Newspeak, a language invented by George Orwell in the novel 1984.]

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Divided into:

  1. 1. Statement;
  2. a) Literal Translation; &,
  3. b) Actual Meaning.

  • 'Blacks are responsible for being racially abused because they will not integrate;'
  • 'Blacks are not sufficiently grateful for us allowing Them to live in our midst and are to be punished for such ingratitude with racism in perpetuity;'
  • Yet, Blacks are blackballed whenever they try to integrate and, since Whites are the most racially segregated race, this statement is merely an attempt to justify racism by blaming the victim – which is more racism. Theis is the same as saying that if only women agreed to have sex with men who do not like them there would be less rape. In any case, there is no imperative to integrate in a de facto multiculture becayuse since Whites keep separate from others there can never be a monoculture. Whites have only themselves to blame if They do not like the multiculture Their endemic racism has created;

1) Is that racist?

a) I know it is racist but I want you to tell me it's OK to make racist comments in your presence - I am going to make them anyway.

b) Asking the nearest Black if something a White has said is racist is simply asking permission to be racist by pretending to care. It also implies that Whites can be unconscious racists and that it is the essential job of Blacks to help Whites. If a White does not know he is being racist, he is being racist. If he is not sure, then perhaps he should have kept his mouth shut rather than reveal himself a fool. If he knows, why ask?

2) I hate blacks!

a) I don't hate blacks because they're black; they’re black because I hate them.

b) This statement tries to pretend that racism is based on skin colour rather than unchangeable birth circumstances and the need of self frustrated and unsuccessful people to find scapegoats for their failures from among those with visibly different characteristics they can pretend are proof of inferiorty.

3) It’s natural to judge people by skin color!

a) It is natural for me – as a White – to assume I am better than you are without objective evidence!

b) However, this is true only in the aesthetic arena, not the moral. In any case, when Whites are so judged, They claim it is racist to do so; in other words, it is only natural for Whites to do the judging and for Blacks to be so judged. Whites thus implicitly claim everyone is the same when the issue makes Them look bad; but that everyone is different when the issue makes Them look good;

4) Blacks are just as racist!

a) It is ok for me to finger a little child so long as someone else has done so too!

b) To claim this is to evade the fact that Blacks need to be racist toward Whites just to survive; Whites do not need to be racist toward Blacks to do so. Black racism is defensive; White racism offensive. In any conflict, the initiatesor of the use of force is the aggressor; while the user of retaliatory force is the defender. The former is unethical; the latter ethical. Moreover, Whites have historically been the racist race, Blacks have not – so there is little evidence upon which to base a relationship based on trust, nor to claim Blacks are just as racist as Whites;

5) You have a chip on the shoulder the size of Africa! (But never any other continent?)

a) You are mentally ill because I never agree with anything Blacks say.

b) Whites say this regardless of your complaint or the evidence you have for it, even though this proves they judge you by your skin color and not your statements or behavior.

6) I do not see you as a black person I see you as a person!

a) I see you as a black person who should shut his mouth about my racism and accept that you will never be fully human in my eyes.

b) A White would never say to another White: 'I do not see you as a white person, I see you as a person.' To only say this to Blacks proves that the White saying it does see the Black as black and, therefore, as somehow less than a person. He sees the blackness of the person spoken to and tries to evade it in his own mind while simultaneously referring to it. If it were truly unimportant to the White, why mention the interlocutor's skin color at all? To try to deracinate a Black before seeing him as human is proof that such Whites see Blackness as something worse than Whiteness;

7) I would be perfectly happy to see a Black Prime Minister!

a) But only if he were able to not remind me that He is Black (by transcending) his skin color in a way that I cannot - and do not - have to.

b) Why does the color of the first minister matter, when it would not matter if he were White?

8) President Obama is not really Black!

a) He does not look like those we hate the most – the very black blacks.

b) Whites are reclaiming the White parentage of Barack Obama because his Black parentage is distasteful to Them – as no other ethnicity is. They imply he would never be president if both is parents were Black because They know full well just how racist They truly are;

9) Only six million died under the Nazis; only 12 million during the north Atlantic slave trade!

a) So long as some people survived these horrors, it is OK to have perpetuated them.

b) Oongoing White guilt about events like these makes Whites bleieve Their guilt and shame could be lessened (or even eliminated) by playing a quantitative mathematical game with qualitative issues like morality;

10) Instead of just complaining, what are you going to do about racism!?

a) It is Blacks' job to solve Whites' problems.

b) Sslavery never truly ended in the White mind.

11) You're not really Black!

a) You do not look like those we hate the most because you are close enough to my skin color to at least talk at and demand that you will share my racist views.

b) Whites have a color chart in their minds as to ethnic acceptability – the lighter, the more acceptable; the darker, the less so. Only those we hate more than anyone else is to be considered Black. They don't hate you because you're black; you're black because they hate you. This means that you have to be judged by your skin color before you can even make statements about White racism; compounding the racism. So how Black do you have to be to pass comment on White racism? This is proof that the skin color of the speaker is more important than their speech. You have to be very Black - in this view - to comment on White racism because Whites are frightened of very black ("Bournevilles") Blacks more than not very black Blacks. This claims that only the true intended victims of White racism – the very black Blacks – have a right to speak about White racism because They will have the most experience of it. This is confirmation that Whites know They have this colour chart. Yet, when these very black Blacks speak, they are accused of having a chip on their shoulder because they are so traumatized by White racism. They cannot, therefore, make objective statements about their own experience although they are the only ones who can. White racists, anyway, do not think this way. It is a trick to get around the truth which is sSo long as you are not White, you might just as well be as black as the ace of spades for all the difference it makes in your treatment at the hands of Whites;

12) I am not racist!

a) I do not have to prove this, because I am White; you must simply accept it, because you are Black.

b) You cannot prove a negative so this person cannot prove what they are because they do not know;

13) Not all whites are racist!

a) Generalizations are always false, and even when true, we shall continue to claim otherwise.

b) This is neither true nor the real issue. The issue is whether Whites obtain an advantage from White racism even if they themselves are not racist. Since all Whites obtain an unearned birthright from White racism, it therefore follows that all Whites benefit from White racism. Therefore all Whites are, effectively, racist – unless They have the courage to renounce such a benefit – and how many have?

14) There are always exceptions!

a) I am the exception because I am better than you are because you are Bblack and I am White.

b) Nno exception ever disproved a rule so that the existence of exceptions is irrelevant to any discussion whatsoever. It is merely always an intellectual red herring;

15) There is no excuse for racism, Black or White!

a) If Blacks are racist They are just as bad as White racists and to be condemned even more because they should know better.

b) This is like saying there is no excuse for murder – even against those who want to kill you. Racism for Whites is an attempt at unlimited social welfare wherein Whites will want to always have first (& often last) refusal of the best Their culture has to offer. This necessarily includes violence against Blacks in order to ensure Blacks do not receive as much as Whites. This makes Black racism a necessary defensive strategy against White racism; making it entirely morally justified. There is also the claim here that suffering enobles and that the recipients of abuse should be less abusive. If so, then the abuse will continue since not to avenge one's abuse is a weakness that the abusive will exploit. When you clearly show that you are not going to take shit, you take much less shit.

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