1. “Population explosion”:
    Too many Niggers!
  2. “Emotions”:
    Problems non-Whites have;
  3. “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”:
    Whatever we say can be acted upon, no matter how unproven;
  4. “Anti-British”:
  5. “British History”:
    White history;
  6. “Racial Integration”:
    Do not do as we do, do as we say;
    Speak only when you are spoken to;
  7. Political Correctness (PC) gone mad!”:
    Something Whites resent because They can derive no benefit from it. (If PC benefited Whites, They would never complain about it);
  8. “We have to set it in context”:
    White supremacism is a figment of Blacks’ imagination;
  9. “That’s racist!”:
    Used to refer to something Whites can obtain no benefit from;
  10. “A Christian and/or British person”:
    A White person;
  11. “Race Relations”:
    Do not remind us we are racists and we will not remind you that you are Niggers!
  12. “Look at all the things we have done for you!”:
    Stop complaining about all the things we are doing to you and all the things we have stolen from you!
  13. “Multiculturalism”:
    You mean We can’t say "Nigger", anymore?
  14. “Social Cohesion”:
    The Poor doing what they are told;
  15. “Social Harmony”:
    Everyone doing what Whites say;
  16. “Some of my best friends are Black”:
    I judge my friends by their skin colour not by their character;
  17. “Different”:
  18. “I disagree with what you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say it;”:
    Has anyone ever seen anyone do this?
  19. “I do not see you as a black person; I see you as a person”:
    I do not see you as a black person; I see you as an honorary white person;
  20. “Peace”:
    The violent Suppression of Dissent;
  21. “White Civilisation”:
    Whites dominating Blacks;
    Blacks dominating Whites;
  22. “Our(s)”:
  23. “There is something about him I just cannot put my finger on”:
    No Niggers need apply.

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