Friday, 10 August 2012

“Mixed Race” for Beginners


Blacks who think they are "Biracial" or "Mixed Race" are still "Niggers" to Whites. Such Blacks confuse genetics with politics in the same deliberate way Whites do to justify crimes against humanity like Apartheid. Only Blacks do it to appease White supremacists.

In genetics, one is what ones genetic make-up makes one; in politics, you can all-too-easily become what others try to make you - if you are not careful enough to be self-respecting. Neither arse-licking nor appeasement ever works with Whites - just look at what happened to the Jews when Whites tried it with Hitler.

"Mixed Race" is a Nazi category that neither exists in genetics nor reality. If a Black breeds with a White, the resulting child is as human as its parents and not a member of a separate race or species. Believing anything else is a racist hangover from the days when Whites perverted their own science for political gain.

So this is just another Black pretending they are not really black in the desperate hope that White supremacists will leave them alone.

Mixed breeding in dogs is fine, but dogs do not racially-abuse each other, so it will not work in humans because the latter do.

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