Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Magazine Calls Rihanna the 'Ultimate Nigger Bitch'

When Whites are caught being White supremacist, they claim it as a joke that was not meant to harm, yet pretend to offer sorrow for the harm they know they have intentionally caused. Why make jokes about others' suffering, unless you have something profound to say? Eva HOEKE is a White supremacist who thinks supremacist humor is OK, so long as no White complains.

Rihanna comes from Barbados, not Jamaica, so this is not only White supremacist journalism it is poorly-researched. Because Whites regularly-stereotype Blacks, they do not believe they have to discover the truth about them; hence, one learns little about Rihanna from the article and everything about the White supremacist intentions of the author.

Whites are terrified of Black sexuality; seeing it as natural and spontaneous - unlike their own. Whites fear that Blacks will become sexually attractive to enough repressed Whites to induce sufficient miscegenation such that White birth rates will decline and Blacks increase. Such a demographic shift would give Blacks more of the political power that White supremacist immigration controls are designed to suppress. The author is sexually-aroused by Rihanna and is trying to mock his own feelings of sexual self-disgust by mocking her; the fear being of what his parents would say if he presented a Black woman as a potential spouse. Would they touch or kiss Black grandchildren or go anywhere near them?

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