White culture


Whites all share the same question of how to live lives of meaning.

The collective pursuit of your own happiness, over the well-being of those whose skins are darker than yours, has left you isolated in your own pseudo-communities. Yet you choose to ignore the loneliness that sickens you. They fear losing themselves in any deep embrace with others. This is why Whites reject the collective for the simulations of alcoholic over-indulgence, non-prescription drugs and televised games of violence.

Whites possess an exceptional talent for using their intelligence to maintain hierarchical dominance over all the other natural and social systems. Whites reject their own histories and say they have no cultures in order to flee the horror of their talent for dominance. They have colonised large parts of the world to escape systems of exploitation in the sub-continent of Europe, only to reproduce them elsewhere.

Whites have chosen to let go of so much of their history, languages and customs, they are forced to find meaning in the histories, languages and customs of their brothers and sisters of darker hues. Whites have abandoned almost everything except the fear that causes them to put themselves over and above the natural and the social worlds. When Whites let go of their mistaken beliefs, they will be able to fall into the deep embrace Whites seek.

Whites need to love themselves. There is self-hatred in them, which expresses itself in the wonted death and destruction of those others Whites do not see as peers.

Collective survival depends on our ability to laugh and find the meaning of our lives through each other’s beauty, so that we might find self-esteem in the embrace.

  1. White culture perpetuates the ideology that white people are morally and intellectually superior to people of color;
  2. White culture stereotypes figures and behavior of white people;
  3. By defining reality as white, and convincing white people that it is their reality, the culture of white supremacy is portrayed as universal, applying to all humankind;
  4. White culture provides a normative standard of behavior for one living in a system of white privilege;
  5. White culture creates white bonding, that is, the cross class allegiance and sense of commonality that non--ruling class oppressed white men and women have with the white ruling class, on the basis of "white skin" and European ancestry;
  6. The culture of white nationalism provides an identity, purpose, orientation and sense of belonging for people who immigrate to White countries;
  7. White culture appropriates elements of European ethnic cultures in order to increase the ethnic grouping's sense of assimilation;
  8. The culture of white nationalism has transformed pride and love of country (patriotism) into a glorification of the military conquest of nations of color;
  9. Under the guise of the imperial, white nationalism assumes that White countries can interfere in every nation of color in the world, and that somehow that intervention will be beneficial to the residents of that nation;
  10. White culture is based on lies;
  11. White culture is based on denial of responsibility.

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