Thursday, 12 February 2015

‘[M]isplaced political correctness’

White Hypocrisy

The usual White supremacist claptrap:

  1. There is no such thing as “misplaced political correctness”, since all political correctness (PC) is a misplaced attempt by Whites to conceal White guilt;
  2. Whites never claimed the 50-year cover-up of Jimmy Savile’s pedophilia was the result of PC because he was White and enjoyed all the unfair advantages pertaining thereto;
  3. It would be better for Whites if their public institutions employed more People of Color (POC) who, with their greater cultural awareness, are better placed to intervene in such cases; alleviating Whites of the heavy burden of the guilt that persuades them to prefer not being thought-of as racist than act when a crime is committed - but that would mean employing more POC: Something Whites stubbornly refuse to do; &,
  4. Because most pedophiles are White, it is only right and proper that Whites be targeted more than any other ethnic group.

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