Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Save Whites from Themselves

Yet another confused and scared White trying to conceal her fear of Blacks by pretending to be anti-racist by indulging in the White narcissism of claiming White is Beautiful - and always will be, to Whites.

Whites will never learn, will they? Instead, of telling Blacks how much Whites now like them, it would be more honest to tell Blacks why Whites worship their own skin pigmentation.

Whites will always invoke White privilege in their quest to control the agenda on discussions of White supremacy - despite the fact this represents a clear conflict-of-interest in their benefiting from same. Their desire to hide this fact leads them to call any non-White a racist when they are being told they have nothing to offer the debate until they renounce such privilege because they are the ones being White supremacist.

Color-blindness is just more White supremacy in that Whites never do this with each other - only with those whose skin color they simultaneously notice then pretend not to. It is a political game of pretending that if you deracinate someone, they become human. But since this process of deracination is not felt necessary for Whites (deemed already to be fully human by virtue of their skin pigmentation), it is precisely skin color which is the sole criterion of human judgment employed while it is simultaneously denied. This keeps White supremacist evil very much in place but with a smile; shoveling Jews into the gas chambers with a friendly grin. For Whites this is Enlightened Racism

This book is a lame-brained attempt to imply that Whites can determine race-relations while not being labelled White supremacist - an impossible goal that Whites should really have given up years ago. But their desperation keeps them on the same road to nowhere.

Because one cannot read every book, just the suspicion of White supremacy would lead to Blacks not needing to waste their time by reading this book. It is for Whites to prove that it is of redeeming social value which, so far, no-one has. The fundamental reason for this is because Whites do not wish to face-up-to the psychiatric distortions in their own psyches wrought by 500 years of White supremacy. They do this by the simple expedient of claiming only Blacks suffer as a consequence of White supremacy; ie, that since racism is not really a bad thing for Whites, Whites cannot possibly feel guilty or schizophrenic or paranoid about it. Yet the inability of Whites to engage in this debate with reason and common sense just shows how much they wish to shut it down with their own anger, resentment and shame.

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