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Race-Card Politics


Whites have no monopoly on playing the Race Card - because a White invented tv, does not mean Blacks cannot buy one. It is an obvious and a common fallacy to suggest that just because someone tries to do something, that they will be automatically successful. Only Whites posses a monopoly on successfully playing the Race Card.

When Whites accuse Blacks of playing the Race Card (but only after Blacks criticize Whites for being racist) Whites never make the accusation in response to any other accusation nor do they make it of Whites. This attempts to deflect criticism away from Whites on to Blacks; thereby avoiding the issue raised and implying that White supremacy is merely a figment of the Black imagination. It is a racist means of undervaluing anything a Black says since it supposedly allows Whites to ignore anything a Black says. Whenever the Race Card is alleged by Whites, it is simultaneously being played by them.

The sole reason Whites invented the Race Card is moral evasion. There is no evidence Blacks ever successfully use this Card and, since Whites are the only ones who can benefit from playing it, they are the only ones ever likely to do so. This is a classic conflict-of-interest (like Whites defining Racism) since it allows Whites to criticize Blacks with the very Race Card they condemn Blacks for using; benefiting psychologically and economically in the process.

The Race Card is racist in concept and practice, also employed by Whites to give the impression Blacks are as racist as Whites. Yet no Black country is institutionally-racist and the White supremacists who use the Race Card cannot name any Blacks who use it as successfully as they, themselves, do.

Whites created an Institutionally-Racist culture for themselves which, by definition, will not help Blacks to play the Race Card. Such a culture is designed to help only the creator group - at the expense of all the others. There is no example of a Black playing the Race Card successfully precisely because all 52 White cultures are inherently White supremacist. In a Black culture, there would be no need to play such a Card and, so, no possible evidence of its being played. The claim that Blacks play the Race Card is also, therefore a vain means for Whites to avoid the fact that this Card can only work for Whites.

Whites play the Race Card by claiming Blacks do so - without evidence. Whites never play this Card when they think the critic is White - instead they cry "Race Traitor".

There is no grammatical, semantic nor social guideline preventing anyone from reading between the lines of anything said or written. Any claim that one is responding to something not said is an attempt to abolish the concepts of innuendo, implication and suggestion. It attempts to reduce all criticism to concretes only; avoiding necessary abstractions; thereby, curtailing rational thought. It would mean taking everything at face value - not only a self-evident fallacy, but a threat to ones very life.

In White culture, people are judged by the ethnicity and social class of their parents and the gender to which they were born. Whites distinguish between Whites and non-Whites, so that they make decisions about non-Whites on the basis of their non-White parent, not their White one. White culture has decided that people like Jessica Ennis and President Barack Obama are Black - Black culture has not. When such Blacks become successful, however, they suddenly "move up in class" - in the White imagination - and become "Mixed Race" - a category they were not placed in before they became well-known. In other words, they are Black before they achieve distinction – "Mixed Race" afterwards. That is the nearest Whites nowadays come to declaring a Black an "Honorary White", as in the days of South-African Apartheid.

Because Whites conflate the political concept of "Race" with the scientific practice of genetics, Whites are always confused as to how to treat Blacks who have Whites in their family - witness the deliberate White confusion over President Obama's alleged ethnicity (& nationality). This volitional muddying of the racial waters also facilitates the old White divide-and-conquer tactic of trying to get different parts of the Black community to fight each other for more crumbs from the White High Table; hopefully preventing the United Front (or even a Two-Front War) that is always hard to defeat in any war - let alone a Racewar.

White supremacist organizations like the BNP are the most honest Whites since they make no such taxonomic distinctions between Blacks. The BNP offers no racial-abuse exemption certificates for the not-really-Blacks ("Mixed Race") that would enable the latter to walk the streets at night without fear of reprisal for committing the crime of not being born Black. The BNP's White behavior reveals White fear of all non-Whites, as such, not merely the really-Blacks as compared with the not-so-black Blacks.

"Mixed Race" is a non-genetic political category invented by Whites to deal with a psychology problem caused by their own White supremacy. The category is designed to label the feared product of feared sexual unions; revealing how frightened White men are that White women are willingly engaging in sexual union with Black men - despite years of conditioning not to - a blow to the White man's sexual ego from which he chooses not to recover. This category also refers to the fact that if the trend for sex with people you like - rather than with those you are told to like - continues, Whites will be a UK minority within a century and, thus, less politically powerful.

The fear of Black revenge for 500 years of White supremacy would then, as it is for White South Africans today, be uppermost in the minds of Whites. They will do all they can to the so-called mixed race to ensure that they either grow up to think, talk and act like Whites (by being less harshly treated for being Black) or are treated as badly as Whites usually treat Blacks in whom Whites can discern no White genetic material.

A "Mixed Race" category allows Whites to play the game of lessening - in their own minds - the number of Blacks in "their White country" by simply re-labeling Blacks they are less afraid of as "not-really-Black". Without such categories, Whites would have to accept that their genome is fast dying out.

White claims to be able to read other people's minds are simply the arrogance attendant upon White bonding - the belief that all who agree with Whites are White and that anyone else is automatically not White. They spring from a lack of evidence for any negative statement made about Blacks; meaning Whites have no argument to make, so they revert-to-type by employing ad hominem statements rather than ad rem ones. Bigots always do this.

Blacks segregate themselves from Whites for the same reason Jews refused to integrate with the NSDAP - all White cultures are White supremacist. Organizations that use "Black" in their name are designed to address the specific problems Blacks face in countries that favor Caucasoids. Such nomenclature is also designed to be candid in terms of whom these organizations are meant to help - Whites can join, but why would they, since they fear the members? This effectively keeps Whites out of such organizations, where they can do much less harm - especially to the minds of impressionable Black children.

Blacks also segregate from Whites because Blacks focus on the family in ways that Whites do not. Blacks are more helpful to each other and less inclined to whinge to the government when their mummies do not love them or their parents were divorced or they were raised in an orphanage. Blacks do not treat the government as a substitute for a caring, sharing family life.

Like the Titanic, White culture is a ship you do not board. Whites built it, launched it, sailed in it and claimed it was unsinkable - yet it sank. Fortunately, no Black lives were lost. Given that White culture is dying, after the collapse of the various European Empires, the economic failings of Whites make it imperative to achieve as much economic independence from them as possible - as this was necessary for White women to achieve independence from men who saw them as nothing more than domestic servants.

There is no need to create a White Police Federation, for example, since it already exists: To put "White" in front of the title would be mere tautology. And there has been no widespread condemnation following its establishment and growth (at least not among Whites). Even the Institutionally-Racist BNP is not honest enough to put the word "White" in its title - although it is obviously there, implicitly.

Whites lack the self-respect, personal honesty and moral & political courage to call a spade a spade.

Whites despise women for creating women's groups and hate homosexuals for espousing Gay Pride, since their reaction to these groups proves how sexist Whites are. And no-one in history has ever established an organization to fight a social evil that did not exist. None of these groups would be necessary if White culture really embraced equality, when every statistical measure - even those produced by Whites - proves the innate White worship of inequality.

Whining because Blacks (& others) wish to help themselves with their own associations means Whites believe Blacks possess no right of self-defense or self-determination. A White male would be branded a sexist if he said, for example, that women were being sexist for forming their own women's-only groups to take positive action against White male chauvinism - the very chauvinism prompting said White male to make such a stupid assertion in the first place.

Whites initiated the Racewar - and must now live with its negative consequences - especially for them (divorce, alcoholism, drug- and sex-addiction, pornography, teenage pregnancy, STDs, stress, suicide, culturelessness, etc). To try and blame Blacks for Whites' own renunciation of their own humanity is just more failed White supremacy.

There is no illegal incitement in stating the truth - to believe otherwise is an attempt by Whites to deprive those they fear of their right to free speech - a right Whites only wish to grant those who are also White and those with whom they also agree. In any case, it is impossible to incite a Racewar that is already begun - by Whites.

White whining is really about the fact Whites know they are not trusted nor liked - and that they know why this is so; exacerbating to their shame and guilt - along with the inevitable White paranoia that goes with starting such unwinnable wars as the War on Terror (aka, the War on Muslims).

Blacks not befriending Whites should never be a problem for Whites since there must be plenty of other Whites for Whites to choose their friends from. But the paradox here is that to be a successful White supremacist requires renouncing ones humanity; eschewing the very friendship being demanded. This makes such a demand a cry for that great non-existent, Unconditional Love, that Whites cannot get from other Whites, so they look outside their own ethnic group for the love they lack at home. This is no way to find a friend, so is really the desire to introduce emotional slavery for Blacks to compensate for the physical slavery Whites were forced to abolish.

One cannot legislate for love, since the desire to fashion Blacks in the image of Whites is not only White supremacist but proves delusions of godlike grandeur on the part of Whites, even though the world does not owe Whites a living.

Whites complain about Blacks because Whites wish to deny the existence of the very Institutional Racism that benefits them, in the vain hope that the attendant guilt can be washed away by blaming Blacks (not Whites, themselves) for these painful thoughts and feelings.

But the days of scapegoating Blacks for the ethical and political failings of Whites are closed. Adulthood means accepting personal responsibility for ones own mistakes and those of ones culture; otherwise neither Whites (nor their culture) can move on. Black fear of Whites can easily be blamed on Whites for their proven White supremacism, but White fear of Blacks cannot be blamed on Blacks (since Blacks are not a threat to Whites) - anymore than pedophilia can be blamed on children.

(My original comment simply pointed out the obvious: 1. White praise for Blacks is rare-to-non-existent; 2. the Racewar has been waged by Whites since 1500; &, 3. Whites will only praise Blacks when Whites can claim some credit or benefit from the praise. Your comments are simply your refusal to face reality - like a man.)

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