Saturday, 18 August 2012

White Men Playing with Themselves

There is no gene for ethics or morality, so this is just more of the scientific racism one has come to expect from Whites.

There is no proof that genes determine character so this is really a eugenics program to kill-off those one does not approve of. This scientist claims the existence of practical ethics as if there could be such a thing as impractical ethics. Only when ethics is universal can such an idea work, since one could easily - as the Nazis did - conclude that Homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses and Freemasons are unethical and destroy them for not being Aryan enough.

It is important for science to stop dabbling in politics unless it has objective proof of its assertions - which it clearly lacks here.

The ethics one claims to be able to produce children to be better able to fit, need to be not practical - whatever that means - but objective. Human beings have never agreed on this and science has never provided an objective basis for such a determination. Moreover, a moral obligation can never exist because morality is about choice, not duty. To claim that such a thing does exist is to tacitly admit one does not understand ethics and that one does not behave in accordance with any of its tenets – precisely because one does not understand the moral life.

Claims like Better or More Intelligent have no objective meaning unless they are scientifically defined. Politically, they mean Conformist and Being Less Prone to Disagree. Claiming responsible parenting is based on Nazi eugenics is a paradox since it means parenting would become no longer necessary to produce good people, since parenting is then transferred to the test tube.

If it is bad to cause harm, then genetically-engineered people will not defend themselves when they are attacked by non genetically-engineered people. The latter will, therefore, be dead and dead people can be neither better nor worse.

There is little evidence for the existence of a natural lottery since Natural Selection is considered synonymous with the concept of Survival-of-the-Fittest - nature screens out useless mutations already. Rational design is not a natural extension of screening for physical diseases since the latter is proven science while the former is not.

All of this gibberish comes down to the tacit admission that Whites have failed to produce ethical cultures because of their preference for such things as White supremacy, Social Snobbery, Sexism, Erotophobia, Pornography, Divorce, Adultery, Alcoholism, Drug-Addiction, etc. Because White culture is essentially a failed culture, Whites now want to try to make people good by accepting bizarre genetic theories and then pretend that these can be used to create better people in the laboratory. Could Whites have been more abjectly-explicit than this at their failure to be as good (or better) than other cultures - who do not face these problems to the same great extent Whites do? Whites have clearly given-up on themselves as viable human beings and are now determined to destroy themselves with pseudo-science because of centuries of guilt for not being as superior as they think they are.

Her is a scientist without scientific merit who bases his work on possibilities, suggestions and likelihoods, tied to his own ball and chain of squeamishness (yet who claims genetically-engineered people are less likely to cause harm - how is that for squeamishness?) and irrationality. Like one of the human-hating charlatans who claims intelligence can be measured, this is a desperate and despairing attempt to make genetics a hard science - as opposed to a soft one - because it cannot make the same hard-&-fast predictions about existence that, for example, chemistry and physics can.

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