Thursday, 16 August 2012

White Reality

An Angry White Female (AWF) responded to Frank TALKER’s comment regarding this article:

‘The Jefferson Lies,’ David Barton's Controversial Best Seller, Dropped By Publishing House For Factual Errors

Frank TALKER said:

Whites are trying to re-write their history because of the shame and guilt it causes them - they are the ethnic group least proud of its heritage. [HuffPost Comments]

The AWF said:

...[O]ne man twisting history is no reflection on all whites. You would have to count exactly how many whites have deliberately falsified history and prove that every single white person has done so to be telling the truth. It is just reverse racism. [HuffPost Comments]

Apart from the fact that Frank TALKER never claimed one White person's behavior reflected badly on all Whites - the claim is nothing more than White paranoia - Whites posit a false standard of proof which they claim is required to be 100%. They only do this with regard to issues that make them look bad - never regarding issues that make them look good. (Notice also her claim that reverse racism exists, despite the complete lack of evidence for this: A claim designed to implicitly deny the existence of Institutional Racism.)

When Whites are accused of being White supremacist, they angrily demand 100% proof. When Whites accuse Blacks of being inferior, Whites never offer proof to the same impossible level. In other words, if Blacks cannot prove all Whites racist, then White culture cannot be Institutionally-Racist. This is as nutty as claiming that Nazi Germany was not Nazi because you cannot prove that all Germans were Nazi; meaning Nazi Germany wasn’t really Nazi at all. Could you get any more White supremacist than that?

There are no historical examples of 100% proof being presented to demonstrate anything. To claim its need is symptomatic of the negative affect of White supremacy on the White intellect: It makes Whites claim the existence of the impossible to compensate for the complete lack of proof for White, genetic superiority.

In criminal law, even Whites only demand proof that is beyond a reasonable doubt - not 100%. In civil law, the White standard is the balance of probabilities - not 100% proof.

In science, scientists come to conclusions based upon available, empirical evidence. They are always forced to acknowledge they do not know all the knowable facts and that, because of this, their conclusions are subject to constant change. By definition, it is impossible to know the full extent of what one does not know - nor what remains to be known - so this will always be the case.

Whites thus demand 100% proof of the existence of White supremacy; knowing full well that no such proof can ever exist. This makes Whites believe that the existence of Institutional Racism can always be denied, while the guilty White conscience can be appeased and placated. At least until the next Black man is killed while being arrested and/or in police custody.

Another benefit of playing the White Race Card is that Whites can then claim that all cultures are racist and that Whites are no better nor worse than anyone else. And that there is such a thing as reverse racism, despite the fact that Whites could never suffer to the same degree as Blacks, given their numerical superiority. All without evidence or (100%) proof, naturally.

Whites have no other history than White supremacy so, to retain the advantages of same, they teach racist lies as fact in a desperate attempt to avoid rebuttal and the open revelation of their lazy dependency on White supremacy to survive.

The corollary of this is that Whites make the study of their own history deliberately dull in order to vainly hide its supremacist essence and the still current relevance of racism to their success in life.

The only reason to fear any truth is because it reveals that one is benefiting from illegal and/or immoral activity. This fear refutes the White fallacy of being self-made men when they can all benefit from the White supremacy they gainsay. Trying to hide ongoing affirmative action for Whites (endemic White racism) is the only way Whites try to evade White guilt and shame for such action. Thus, perversely, Whites worship the very ideology that makes a full human life for them impossible. They have to become schizophrenic to simultaneously deny the existence of White supremacy while desperately trying to maintain its benefits.

The only other reason to hide anything is for the purposes of self-protection and self-defense. But, that does not apply regarding White racism since White supremacists are not under any threat from non-Whites - that Whites can successfully and logically articulate. Thus, the White guilt complex is the only reason Whites falsify their history on a regular basis. And why they claim Blacks must abide by a false definition of proof that White statements are never tested against.

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